Social Action

As Christians, we believe in putting faith into action. While the biggest act of kindness we can offer is time – just listening and being available – we also like to get practical.

Financially, life can be a struggle – even if you work long hours. So to help ease the pressure, we have partnered for many years with Chelwood Food Bank Plus, the independent Stockport based food bank. Referral vouchers can be obtained from local authority outlets such as Stockport Homes, the Job Centre, and Citizens Advice. Alternatively, you may get a direct referral from Chelwood Foodbank Helpline on 0161 883 1792.

In addition to this, we support local charity “Loaves and Fishes”, which works to support homeless and disadvantaged people in Stockport. This organisation distributes clothes, tents, sleeping bags and emergency food parcels, and provides a hot meal every Sunday evening in a safe caring environment.

REV320 Charity Shop               Food Bank Open 2pm – 4pm (Fridays only)

Chelwood Foodbank Helpline                   0161 883 1792